Birthday Party

It was my niece’s first birthday earlier this week, so we had a party for her yesterday. When our family gets together it’s always a rather large gathering, and yesterday was no different. It was so nice to see everyone though. Lots of laughter rang out throughout the house, and we even got out into the garden for a wee while, till the wind chased us in again. My niece so enjoyed opening her presents. She would very slowly unwrap the gifts, before sitting down to enjoy a good play with whatever was inside. By the time we left, she still had a small pile of presents to unwrap. If I could add something to the list of attributes that we could learn from babies, it would be to savour your presents! I’m sure in another couple of birthday’s Ava will have caught up, and will be ripping off the wrapping just as fast as she is able, but until then she’ll appreciate things at a slower pace. Maybe we should all be enjoying things at a more leisurely pace.


August 26, 2007. Inspiration.

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    […] at the birthday party yesterday, I couldn’t resist taking this photo of the light streaming through the window, […]

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