I recently read a great post over at Original Impulse called 13 Ways to Embrace Life As a Creative Adventure. Several of the points Cynthia makes in this post really rang true for me, but perhaps none more so than number 4:

“4. Finish things. Finish art projects, work projects, conversations and obligations. Relish the juice of completion as much as you relish the surge of joy of beginnings.”

Anyone who knows me will appreciate just how much I struggle with this one! I love knitting, but I hate finishing off. I love brainstorming, but find it an effort to follow up with the project. I get such a buzz from novelty and newness, but I seem to burn out before the end. So, how, one might ask, have I managed to continue on with my doctorate for the last three years? I think the answer to that is, in part, that I have a very understanding supervisor who helps me keeping on track, and also that I make sure that I have other projects constantly on the go. These other projects might be craft orientated, they might be a new academic directions channeled into conference papers, they might be projects which follows my children’s passions. Cynthia suggested that I ask myself about the qualities of finishing: “What’s the essence of completion? How can you learn to love this part of the creative cycle as much as the beginning?” I think perhaps the key is in the above photos. Our alpine strawberries are at varying stages of fruition at the moment: flowers, new fruit and ripe fruit. Alpine strawberries have an intense flavour, but if picked too soon they are quite tart and bitter. I think, with entering into the final stages of my phd, I may be about to taste the sweetness of fruition.


August 27, 2007. Creativity.


  1. Eternity replied:

    That’s a really interesting point. I wish I could enjoy completion more often. Too frequently I give up after having the idea.

  2. amypalko replied:

    You know, Eternity, I think it’s a common problem. The energy that I seem to have for the brainstorming never seems to be enough to see me through to the final stages of a project. However, at least in acknowledging it I can perhaps begin to fix it. Thanks so much for commenting!

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