Dove Campaign

I don’t know if you’ve seen these clips before, but I really wanted to put up a post about them.  They’re both part of Dove’s campaign for real beauty, which I think is not only extremely admirably, but also an extremely clever bit of marketing!  Anyway, here’s the first clip:

I just found this whole process absolutely fascinating.  I was, of course, aware that the images used in magazines, and for advertising, were touched up, but I don’t think I had any real concept of just how much these images are altered.  I showed this clip to my daughter, who has just turned 9, and her response was so interesting.  She said that she thought the lady must be really upset that they changed her picture so much.  I must admit that, when I watched it, all I was thinking was how we’ve all been duped, but my daughter, rather than thinking of the mass deception, thought of the individual.  Now, of course, as a little girl, she is not necessarily aware that the model is complicitly involved in the deception and is paid well (sometimes!) for it, but still, her response alerted me to my own lack of empathy.

Whilst the first video fascinated me, the second made me cry:

My daughter asked me recently if I thought she was fat, which just made me so sad.  She’s not in the slightest bit overweight; she has a little girl’s figure, which, at 9, you would expect!  I think because we home educate, our kids are a bit more sheltered than they may be otherwise, but still, at the age of 9, culture’s idealisation of the exceptionally thin body has penetrated my daughter’s consciousness.  And that makes me, not only sad, but also angry.  Why are we sending these messages to our daughters?  Who does it benefit?


August 28, 2007. Inspiration.

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