A Moment of Synchronicity

Do you ever get one of those moments which sees a strange kind of confluence of the seemingly disparate? I frequently have these moments of synchronicity, and I truly believe that they indicate that I am following the right path in life. Today I have had a moment of synchronicity that I would like to share with you, because I think that it affirms the identity my blog is beginning to develop (I’ll post more on this later).

The first post, after the introductory post, that is, I blogged about some beautiful vintage buttons I had found over at my grandma’s house. I put a call out to any readers for any help/advice/ideas for using these buttons to customise my rainbow-coloured, but very plain, clothes. I was slightly disappointed that I received no comments to that post whatsoever, but it seems that just putting the request out there into the universe was enough. Now, I’m not convinced by this whole cosmic ordering thing, but it would appear that by articulating my need for help, answers are supplying themselves! Here are some of the posts which I have discovered in my feedreader and through links:

Maitreya over at Craftlog is posting a whole series of button projects.

Ms Julianne at This Second’s Obsession has a great post called Guilt is So Not a Good Look all about buying vintage or refashioning clothes instead of buying new.

Craft Magazine’s blog led me to a post on a sweater revamp over at Sommer Designs, which includes a tutorial.

Sommer Designs then led me onto discover the Flickr groups Wardrobe Refashion and Wardrobe Remix.

I also want to say thank you to the fabulous Gala who emailed me some great suggestions, and to my mum who came up with a lovely idea for my t-shirt sleeves.

With all this help I should come up with some wonderful results (fingers crossed!). Oh, and just to let you know, that I am still open to any and all ideas. See my Buttons post for images of the buttons and my original cry for help!


August 29, 2007. Creativity.


  1. Blog Identity « Lives Less Ordinary replied:

    […] I mentioned in my recent post A Moment of Synchronicity that I would post later on the idea of blog identity, so here are some of my thoughts and a […]

  2. Lady Julianne Eternity replied:

    Thanks again for mentioning my post! My computer was broken for what seemed like forever and I’m trying to catch up and add all the RSS feeds I’ve been meaning to 🙂

  3. amypalko replied:

    Oh you’re very welcome, Lady Julianne. How frustrating for you to have a broken computer! I don’t know if I would survive very long without mine… which is a bit sad now I think about it. Maybe I should get out more!

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