Don’t you just love clouds? I could spend hours watching them. On a few occasions I’ve got my husband to pull the car over so I could nip out and take a photo of some strange cloud formation in the sky. I always feel so reassured when I’m in a plane and there’s total cloud cover beneath me; it makes it seem as though there’s a large silver eiderdown spread out to soften and comfort. However, here are a few of my favourites taken from terra firma:

Reflected Sun

Cloud Halo



August 31, 2007. Environment, Photography.


  1. Sugar Mouse In The Rain replied:

    I like them, specially the last one.

  2. amypalko replied:

    Thanks, Sugar Mouse. I’m actually thinking of entering the last one into a competition. I love how the sun is just about to burst through. It’s a very hopeful picture, I think.

  3. Autumn Song replied:

    These are amazing, Amy. I think I like the top one best, and then the bottom one. All wonderful pictures though.

  4. amypalko replied:

    Oh, I’m glad you liked them, Autumn Song! Clouds are such fascinating things, I think.

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