Boxed In

I ate my lunch today in the financial district of Edinburgh, before taking my kids to their audition. While I munched away at my sandwich I looked at the buildings, which are all made of creamy sandstone and glass, and I realised that I was completely surrounded by grid patterns. Have a look at these buildings:

Buildings 1

Buildings 2

Buildings 3

But it wasn’t just the buildings, it was the railings, the cobbles, even the tree was boxed in!



Boxed In Tree

This rigid uniformity is a bit depressing, is it not? Because these photos are taken at the weekend, there aren’t many people around, but during the week the whole place is full of people in their suits carrying their briefcases. Perhaps it’s because I’m my father’s daughter, but I find this sense of conformity, reflected in the environment, pretty soul-destroying. What do you think?

UPDATE: I’ve just read over at my dad’s blog about noticing patterns! Isn’t it strange how you seem to tune into the thoughts of those you love?


September 1, 2007. Environment.


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