Disappointed But Dignified

The kids had their audition today for The Wizard of Oz, and unfortunately they didn’t get a part. The way the audition was organized meant that all the children were gathered at the end of the day and the names of the lucky few, who were invited to a second audition, were read out. I don’t actually believe this is the best way of doing things; being in a group of approximately 50 kids ranging in age from 7 to 16, who have all pinned their hopes on being a part of the performance, and over half not hearing their name read out, is actually a very upsetting experience. I was pretty teary myself, and I hadn’t even auditioned! I must say though, that my children so impressed me today. Despite their disappointment, they conducted themselves with great dignity. They congratulated the kids who had made it through to the next stage of the selection process, shrugged their shoulders and said, “At least we had fun”. It’s at times like this that makes me realise that my children have so much to teach me. Although they were obviously disappointed, they managed to push it to one side and see the best in the situation; they weren’t going to spend any time more than necessary wallowing in self-pity. We decided that, as a reward for the way in which they had conducted themselves, we would take them out for a nice meal. We’re just back from the local Thai restaurant tired but happy, and tomorrow I know they’ll be ready for the next of life’s surprises.


September 1, 2007. Inspiration.


  1. Boxed In « Lives Less Ordinary replied:

    […] I ate my lunch today in the financial district of Edinburgh, before taking my kids to their audition. While I munched away at my sandwich I looked at the buildings, which are all made of creamy […]

  2. Robin replied:

    I’m sorry your kids weren’t chosen for the parts they wanted, but I am very impressed with how they handled their disappointment. In my mind, it shows quality parenting and reveals the strength of the values with which they are being raised. How nice to go out for Thai dinner (yum!) to celebrate both the effort and the maturity…and the dignity.

  3. amypalko replied:

    Thank you for your kind words, Robin. It was interesting, too, at the audition, how the age of the child seemed to correspond with how upset they were at not getting the recall. The older kids were much more upset than the younger ones, who actually seemed pretty pragmatic about the whole thing. Actually, now I think about it, maybe that’s down to hormones; teenagers can be a pretty emotional lot on the whole! The Thai meal was really yummy. It was the kids’ first time at a Thai restaurant but it was a big hit! They are already asking if we can go back for their birthdays at the end of September. Thanks again for commenting!

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