Royal College of Physicians

I went to the open doors day at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh’s Queen’s Street today. What a beautiful building. I was speaking to one of the ladies there, and she was telling me about some of the weddings they have there. What a wonderful venue for a Scottish wedding with a lively evening ceildh! I could almost hear the fiddle music as I moved around the room. The college also has a little garden with medicinal plants, which is just lovely. I would love to go back sometime when it wasn’t so busy. Anyway, here are a few of my photos from the day. If you do get a chance, you should pay it a visit, as my photos really don’t do it justice.

Library in the Mirror

The Library

Medical Library

Medical Texts

Secret Window, Secret Garden

Medicinal Garden Through Window


Wedgewood Blue Ceiling

Table Set

The Davidson Suite

Glass Ceiling 2

Autumn Crocus 1

Autumn Crocus 2

Autumn Crocus in Medicinal Garden


September 29, 2007. Environment, Photography.


  1. Danielle replied:

    Lovely photos–especially that ceiling decoration! I have just been dealing with a gentleman in Edinburgh for my job–he is a documentary filmmaker and I had to rush order his film for a professor on campus. He was the nicest person to deal with–I wish all my vendors could be like that! I think he might be a Prof at the University of Edinburgh–not sure if it is at all related to the Royal College of Physicians–they are quite famous (and very, very old) aren’t they? It would be inspiring to study there.

  2. amypalko replied:

    The ceiling reminds me of wedgewood porcelaine, with that white on blue background. It really is quite stunning! It is a very old institution. They were granted their royal charter back in 1681, but the building they’re in now was purchased in 1848, 1868 and 1969 (as they needed more space, they bought up the surrounding buildings and incorporated them into the original building). It was very impressive, and the staff all seemed justifiably proud of it. In actual fact, the staff were just lovely. They had arranged a teddy bear hunt for the kids, and the kids had a great time trying to find all the teddies around the building.
    It makes such a difference when the people we encounter during our day are pleasant and accommodating, isn’t it, Danielle?

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