Another New Look

Ok, so this is the third change of theme for this blog.  One day I may have to bite the bullet, and have one designed, as I have yet to find one I’m completely happy with.   I like this one as it has the categories, archive and blogroll down the side, and not at the bottom, like the last one, and I also like the post layout a bit better.  I’m still not sure about the colour though, or the header that I’ve uploaded.  Please don’t be surprised if the header changes a few more times over the next couple of days, until I find one I’m happy with.  Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome!!!


October 8, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Sugar Mouse In The Rain replied:


    It’s not healthy to change the theme so often. Readers need to get used to something constant.

    This theme is good but your blog description “To create, to experiment, to inspire” and maybe the title too need a different background to make them more clear.

  2. amypalko replied:

    Thank you for your opinion, Sugar Mouse, but as you know, this is still a relatively new blog, and I would rather make changes now, and settle on something that I’m happy with, than alter it once it’s more established. I do agree about the colour of the text though. I’ve tried a couple of variations, of both background and text colour, and I’m expecting to make a few more changes until I’m completely happy with it. Thanks again, Sugar Mouse, for taking the time to comment. I do appreciate your input!

  3. Sugar Mouse In The Rain replied:

    This pink banner is much better! It suits your blog, and makes the title and description clear.

    Make another wordpress blog just for experimentations. You can change things there more often and when you are comfortable you can just do the same here.

  4. amypalko replied:

    Good idea, Sugar Mouse. Think I’ll stick with this one for a while now. It’s grown on me!

  5. Damien Riley replied:

    Ah themes . . . what a concept. I have 37 loaded on my blog. I change them based on eColumn and/or mood. I don’t believe in wearing the same clothes too long.

  6. amypalko replied:

    I have to confess to being a bit a chameleon myself, Damien. The lure of the new is often too powerful to resist!

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