Acquainted With The Night

The nights are drawing in here in Scotland. It gets dark around 4ish and the sun doesn’t rise till 8.30 the next morning; the moon rises at 3pm and doesn’t set for another 17 and a half hours. We’re coming up to the shortest day now… or is it the longest night? Either way, it means that we get to see a lot more of the moon, and isn’t it beautiful!

Daylight Moon

Moon With Clouds 2

Moon With Clouds 1

Bright Moon

Acquainted With The Night

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain – and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.

I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street,

But not to call me back or say good-by;
And further still at an unearthly height
One luminary clock against the sky

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.

Robert Frost (1874-1963)


November 24, 2007. Inspiration, Photography.


  1. This Eclectic Life replied:

    Oh, Amy! what lovely shots of the moon! My camera is so bad that I can’t seem to take night shots.

    And, what a great poem to go with it. I have been in love with Robert Frost since I was fourteen. I love this post.

  2. amypalko replied:

    Well, Shelly, I just got a new camera for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I am so pleased with it. It has various functions on it including a nighttime one. What I need now is a mini tripod to stop the shakes! The poem is lovely, though, isn’t it! I love how the first line is repeated at the end. It’s one of those poems that cries out to be read aloud. But then, don’t they all!

  3. Celticangel replied:

    That is one of my favorite poems. May I ask what kind of camera you use? I like those night shots.

  4. amypalko replied:

    Oh, I’m glad it’s one of your favourites too. It really is such a special one, I think. And no, I don’t mind at all you asking what kind of camera I use! It’s a Fujifilm Finepix Z100fd. I must say that I’m extremely happy with it, as it has lots of different settings, such as night-time, fireworks, snow etc, and it has a macro setting for close ups.

  5. nouveaufauves replied:

    Ohmigosh. These are great! I love to see good photos of night scenes and especially the moon. You have stirred traces of some primitive memory in my neurons.

  6. Toni replied:

    That poem sent shivers up and down my spine.

    It is LOVELY.

    And the photos of the moon add to the magic of the poem!

  7. amypalko replied:

    Wow, Nouveaufauves, I’m so pleased that you found these photos so stirring!

    It is a truly fabulous poem, Toni, and it makes me so happy to know that it and the photos inspired such a emotional response 🙂

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