Blooming Orchid

Orchid 3

Orchid 4

Orchid 1

Introducing Cleo the Orchid.  She’s been a part of the family for almost as long as my youngest son has (around 6 years), and she is continuing to bloom.  She really does make me ridiculously happy!  Last year she put up a new shoot which had several buds on it, but it was leaning right over to the side.  In an attempt to get it to grow a little straighter I tried to fix it and accidentally snapped the stem off.  To say I was devastated is to put it mildly.  I cried for about 30 minutes.  I don’t think my husband knew quite what to do with me.  However, it grew back and bloomed again, and I relearned the lesson that rotating her away from the main source of light helps her to grow straighter.  Doh!  Anyway, this is the 2nd time since then that she’s bloomed and, I think you’ll agree that, even with only one flower out, she’s still pretty magnificent.  I’m so pleased with how the photos of her turned out!

Do you have a favourite plant that brings sunshine into your life?  Have you named it yet?  Gala‘s just bought herself an orchid and she’s looking for name suggestions, so if your looking for a name for a much loved plant, check out the comments she’s received for some fabulous ideas!


January 8, 2008. Creativity, Photography.


  1. imagestock replied:


    I like your shots, even if I have no name for my flowers 🙂 Hope that’s fine.

    I would try to make this photo kind of b/w or sephia and maybe remove/cover the stipe, so that the orchid comes out more.


  2. heretoliveoutloud replied:

    Excellent photos, imo.

  3. amypalko replied:

    Thanks for the feedback, Imagestock! I did actually try b/w and sepia, but it didn’t look as striking. I think maybe it’s because the bright green buds and the red and yellow colouring at the flower’s centre really pop against the black background and the snowy white petals.
    And, of course, it’s fine that you haven’t named your flowers 🙂

    Glad you liked them, Heretoliveoutloud!

  4. Mike replied:

    I really like the lighting of these photos… the way the orchid emerges from the darkness. If you don’t mind sharing, how do you accomplish that? Do you use a lamp and a dark backdrop?

    I’ve always been in awe of the intricate beauty of orchids, but I’ve never had one of my own. Do they require a lot of sunlight?

  5. amypalko replied:

    No, of course I don’t mind sharing, Mike! In fact, in all honesty, it was a happy accident. I was taking photos of the flower in my kitchen, but the light was quite dim as we’ve been having pretty crappy weather recently. I don’t really like using the flash, so I had it turned off, but it was effecting the image resolution. So, I decided that I would use the flash and see what it looked like, and was shocked at how well it worked out. The background became considerably darker as the white petals bounced back the light. When I loaded it onto iPhoto, I then slightly adjusted the black and white levels and voila!
    As for the care of orchids, I find mine thrives on neglect. It sits on my kitchen window sill which doesn’t get direct sunlight, and I only water it once every 7-10 days. I’ve had it for 6 years now, so I must be doing something right!

  6. mrswebby replied:

    i have an orchid that a friend bought me last year to say thank you for supporting her in a difficult time. this year it is me having a difficult time and the orchid is making a bud and it is almost saying to me “see? remember? you were ok then and you will be ok again!” they are very special flowers…

  7. amypalko replied:

    Oh, I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time, Mrswebby. I’m glad you’ve found something that reminds you of your strength. That is so important. Orchids are indeed very special flowers 🙂

  8. nengaku replied:

    Wow. That is one amazing, sensual flower! It brings back wonderful memories of my dear Honorable Father (in-law). He grew orchids and exotic bamboos. Orchids require so much patience! I can understand why you cried over breaking one.

  9. amypalko replied:

    The second bud just bloomed the other day there, Nengaku, and the third doesn’t look too far away. I may take more photos yet! I once went to the orchid garden at the botanical gardens in Singapore and I think that my love for these plants stems from that visit. I would love some more, but at the moment I just have one. I’d like to have a whole collection one day!

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