Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

OK, I realise that this may not be the best photo that you’ll come across on the net today, but I just had to capture the moment when the sun peeped over the rooftops.  This is the first time I have seen a sunrise in such a long time – actually, it may not have been such a long time, but it sure does feel like it!  I had no idea how much the weather affected my moods, but this morning I’m virtually bouncing round the house and I can feel little bubbles of excitement in my soul.  Yesterday, I spent the day virtually dragging myself around, and by early evening I had absolutely zero energy.  I wrote my post on rainy day reflections yesterday as an (successful) attempt to remind myself about all the good things I had seen that day: namely my children’s joyful attitude!  Today, even if the rain arrives later, I won’t need that reminder.

Oh, I also found this in the Icing archives – I’d forgotten all about it!  For more sunshiny goodness, check out today’s Tumblr.


January 30, 2008. Environment.


  1. Daz Cox replied:

    wow, what a great way to start my day. The Beatles were the first group I ever loved (my mum being one of the original generation of fans) and after all these Years and LP’s, tapes, CD’s, MP3’s and videos it’s amazing that there are still Beatles things that are new to me!

    Nice photograph btw. The fact that it’s your view makes it more interesting than any standard sunrise pic I might have stumbled upon randomly and because I enjoyed the pic I clicked the video, something I rarely do these days prefering my own choice of soundtrack. Glad I trusted your judgement!

    The butterfly effect continues…

  2. Wolfie replied:

    Oh wow..the picture is beautiful..!!

  3. On a Limb with Claudia replied:

    LOOK! Those are houses! I dnt know de made hses in Scotland! 😉 (I’m trying for funny)

    Great photo Amy – really beautiful. I love that moment when the sun peeks over the horizon. The bees (when it’s warm) celebrate with a bee line – they run back and forth to the sun to get their bearings. I feel like doing that!

  4. Penelope Anne replied:

    That is actually an amazing photograph.
    Any pic I attempted outside would be a giant glare from the brilliant white snow.
    Pop over today for some humor, and pick up a tag for your blog…as a homeschool mama, you have been now relocated to the Magnificent Mama Blogroll, complete with buttons, oddly created by me.

  5. amypalko replied:

    Oh thanks, Daz! Glad you liked the clip too. I swithered over choosing Nina Simone’s version, but ultimately plumped for the The Beatles. It was more upbeat and joyous, which was how I felt today.

    I wasn’t too sure about it at first, Wolfie, but it’s growing on me. Glad you liked it!

    Well, you know, Claudia, house construction’s a bitch whilst wearing a kilt 😉
    On a more serious note – thank you so much for the lovely compliment, and for the info on bees. I never knew that they did that! It’s true what they say – you learn something new every day!

    Still no snow here, Penelope Anne, but they are predicting some for Friday. I doubt we’ll get as much as you have, though.
    Oh, and thank you for putting me on the blogroll, and for the button. You’ll see that I have put it on the sidebar, now that I’ve finally figured out how you do that with WordPress! Every time I think I’m getting to grips with blogging technology, something comes along to remind me that I’m still very much a novice 🙂

  6. Damien Riley replied:

    I think it’s great. Sometimes we need to just show the pictures as they are and connect them with the memory. Can’t always have perfection, although that picture is a darn good one!

  7. Kelly replied:

    Absolutely lovely. It’s been very gray around here with rain and hints of snow. It would be nice to have such a view.

  8. amypalko replied:

    When I took the photo, Damien, I was cursing the drainpipe for getting in the way of my shot. It’s only now that I appreciate how it gives a sense of perspective to the shot, and the light reflecting off it is really quite beautiful. It’s funny, isn’t it, how sometimes you can only see what’s good about a photo after we’ve gained some distance on it!

    We have had so many grey days and so much rain here, Kelly, that I just felt so jubilant when I saw the sun yesterday morning. Today we’re back to grey though, with blizzards forcast both today and tomorrow. Just as well I took the photo of the sun while it was here!

  9. Angie Hurst replied:

    It’s so funny I ran across this post today. Yesterday it was sunny and in the 60s (F) and I was driving home thinking, “I’m happy today”. I then realized why. It was the sun and warmth! We’ve had cold and snow/ice for weeks. Now I can’t wait for summer! It really does affect my moods too!

  10. amypalko replied:

    It’s funny when it suddenly hits us that our mood is directly influenced by the weather isn’t it, Angie? Wishing you more sunny days in the months to come 🙂

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