Internet Withdrawal

This is a very brief post just to let you all know that I don’t have a connection to the internet at the moment, and so it looks like I’ll be offline till Wednesday.  I am extremely frustrated by this, as you might imagine, but I do hope to have it sorted asap.  I’m in uni at the moment to write this post, but unfortunately I don’t even have time to respond to all the lovely comments that have been left on my posts in the last 24 hours.  However, I will respond to them just as soon as my ISP sends me a new router.

Until then, please do feel free to continue to comment, and I hope to be reading them and posting again, just as soon as possible.


February 10, 2008. Admin.


  1. opengroveclaudia replied:

    ARG! This “disease” seems to be going around. I hope you are up and running soon. AND that this doesn’t affect your thesis.

  2. mrschili replied:

    This is me sending you lots of patience and sympathy. I’d be LOST without my internet connection, and I’m getting a little squirrelly thinking about you without it.

    Good luck and much love,


  3. nicholas replied:

    I’m counting the hours till you’re back with us, Amy!

  4. Kelly replied:

    That’s too bad. But think of how much you get to share with us when you return! Take care!

  5. amypalko replied:

    Thanks to everyone for their commiserations! I am currently over at my Mum’s trying to respond to everyone’s comments and try and get on top of things. It’s amazing how quickly things pile up, isn’t it!
    Anyway, thanks again for the love and best wishes. Really very appreciated!

  6. Damien Riley replied:

    This has got to suck for you. Maybe you will bring a bounty of logic back to the party having been away.

  7. amypalko replied:

    I think I’ve learned a lot of lessons from this, Damien. But I’m so ready for my connection back now!

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