Blue Sky Thinking

As children, we are truly masterful when it comes to blue sky thinking. We conjure up fantasy and we delight in our imagination. Then the years pass, and as we accrue more and more responsibility, we become bogged down in reality. Although, is it really reality, or is it actually negativity disguised as reality? Accuse any pessimist of pessimism, and they’ll reply that they’re not pessimistic, they’re just being realistic. A pessimist exists beneath a layer of thick, rain-sodden clouds. An optimist lives beneath skies of blue, knows that if it can be conceived, it can be achieved, and understands that they make their own reality. I love to allow my thoughts to soar untethered from my daily limitations. Rising up, expanding, diverging, flocking, dissipating, developing into an endless and limitless cerulean blue.

Blue Sky Thinking

The Wee Lochan

Blowing Bubbles

Big Fish Blue

Do you practice blue sky thinking?


February 15, 2008. Environment, Inspiration, Photography.


  1. Penelope Anne replied:

    Once upon a time, but I find it harder and harder to do lately.

  2. amypalko replied:

    It doesn’t always come easy, does it, Penelope Anne? I do think it’s worth taking the time to practice though 🙂

  3. mrschili replied:

    I don’t find myself engaging in blue sky thinking as much as I used do – or as much as I’d like. Perhaps I should practice a bit more…

  4. Kelly replied:

    I can feel when I am getting pessimistic and it feels heavy and unnatural.

    I love blue sky thinking. It takes effort, but is so worth it.

  5. Daz Cox replied:


  6. Mike replied:

    Beautiful post, Amy. I think I take it for granted what a great writer you are.

    I think I have a blue sky spirit trapped in a pessimist’s mind… if that makes sense. I know the blue sky is out there, and I try to reach for it, but sometimes I still find myself under a blanket of clouds.

    I’ll just keep trying to break through 🙂

  7. Nicholas replied:

    Superb! One of these days I’ll run out of superlatives to describe your photos.

  8. amypalko replied:

    It’s a lovely treat to give yourself, Mrschili, and I find I always come up with a new perspective through it.

    It does take effort, Kelly, nut like you say, it is most certainly worth it!

    You are clearly an optimist already turned on to the wonders of blue sky thinking, Daz!!

    Thank you, Mike, what a beautiful comment. I have every faith that you will break through that blanket of clouds 🙂

    I’ve just put some new photos up, Nicholas. I hope you like them as much 🙂

  9. nengaku replied:

    Those words Pessimist and Optimist always imply making predictions about the future and comparing those with this moment of reality. So I try hard to be neither. Because this moment is already PERFECT. Whenever I start to get crazy it’s always about something that I think MIGHT happen in the future. Then I refocus and, sure enough, THIS moment is PERFECT! It never fails.

  10. Donna replied:

    I find myself in a cloud. It is difficult but refreshing to turn to the blue sky for a positive outlook. Thank You, Donna

  11. amypalko replied:

    I think that is an extremely admirable but also immensely difficult position to maintain, Nengaku. I greatly admire your determination to stay ‘in the moment’! I think I am still only at the beginning my journey 🙂

    I’ll be wishing you clear blue skies, Donna 🙂

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