Highland Cattle

I had planned to stay in today, but we had our first glimpse of blue sky in a few days and I just couldn’t resist. I phoned my mum, and soon the pair of us were taking the children for a walk in the Trossachs. I’m going to do a couple of photo posts, of which this is the first, and if you like them, you can vote for Lives Less Ordinary in the Best Photography Blog category in this Blogger’s Choice Awards.

A Highland Close-Up


Meeting of the Cattle

Scratch That Itch

3 Stages of Ascent

Despite the rather lethal appearance of their horns, highland cattle are actually very placid creatures.  As we walked along the road which divided their field, they just raised their pink noses to peer at us through russet bangs, and then returned to their business of eating grass, sitting on moss, and enduring the driving rain.

Could these animals be any more picture perfect?


February 27, 2008. Environment, Photography.


  1. mrschili replied:

    How wonderful to be able to scratch THAT SPOT on one’s own back! Would that we had such capabilities!!

  2. Penelope Anne replied:

    I once again must say I dream of coming to the Highlands.
    These are awesome shots.
    I posted a photo today for Wordless Wednesday.

  3. barbara replied:

    wonderful animals

  4. Damien replied:

    How close were you? Those horns are quite scary. Beautiful pictures as usual.

  5. amypalko replied:

    It would be rather wonderful, wouldn’t it, Mrschili? I must confess to thinking the exact same thing when I saw him scratching that itch.

    When you make it over, Penelope Anne, I’ll take you out to meet some Highland cattle 🙂

    They are rather wonderful, aren’t they, Barbara? Really quite different from your average cow.

    In the first shot I was standing right in front of it (i.e. no zoom), but there was a fence between us. In the other shots, I wasn’t so close, but then there were no fences between them and us. Like I said though, they’re very placid creatures, and they didn’t have a great amount of interest in us.

  6. The Flooded Loch « Lives Less Ordinary replied:

    […] the time the weather was blustery, but bright. One of the things that caught my eye (apart from the cattle) was the blue tones of the water as it mirrored the blue of the sky, and how the blue was broken up […]

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