A Bouquet of Spring Blooms

I’ve been reading on a lot of blogs, and hearing from folk through Twitter, that some parts of the world are still heavily cloaked in snow. So, if you do find yourself surrounded by snowflakes rather than snowdrops, then this post is for you!

I took most of the following photos yesterday whilst visiting my grandparents. The spring bulbs in their garden are in varying states of bloom, so I expect when I visit again next week there’ll be even more colour to appreciate. Until then, here’s some photos of the flowers blooming here in Scotland right now:

Dark Purple Helleborus

Crocus Aglow

Pinched Snowdrop

Yellow Primula

White Primula

Pink Hyacinth

Yellow Crocus or a Star?

White Crocus, Yellow Stamen

A Host of Golden Daffodils

What are your favourite springtime blooms?  What do you like best about Spring?

Spring Disney-style


March 5, 2008. Photography.


  1. karenswim replied:

    Oh Amy these photos are breathtaking! I awakened to a fresh blanket of snow and these blooms had me breathing in their virtual fragrance. I love the gentleness of the spring season. The weather is perfect, and nature gently renews what has been dormant or dead through the winter season. Thank you so much for a touch of Spring on this snowy Michigan day.

    Karen xx

  2. diane replied:

    Gorgeous – thank you!

    Now I’ve got spring photos from the U.K. and South Carolina to get me through another day of winter.[2-hour ice delay this morning. More snow forecast for Saturday. Sigh.]

  3. barbara replied:

    Thank you. Much appreciated.

  4. Deb replied:

    Beautiful! We don’t have snow but a lot of mud from the melting snow and rain. I’ve been seeing signs of spring, though.

  5. Joanna Young replied:


    I love snowdrops the best though I guess they’re really winter flowers not spring. They seem so determined and resilient, whatever the weather.


  6. Daz Cox replied:

    I was just thinking about springtime while on my daily walk to and on the beach. I was thinking that winter was only bearable with the promise of spring. It will be nice to see the flowers come out!

  7. Penelope Anne replied:

    Oh the color, the beauty….you know I really needed this! Very refreshing and soul lifting.

  8. mrschili replied:

    Wow. There is NOTHING like that happening in New England yet – not even a bud on the early-blooming forsythia bushes.


  9. amypalko replied:

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing your beautiful way with words in describing what’s so lovely about Spring 🙂

    You are most welcome, Diane. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the thaw begins soon.

    No problem, Barbara. Glad you liked them.

    I love snowdrops too, Joanna. I think we could classify them early Spring, could we not? Signaling the immanent coming of the daffodil 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more, Daz! I saw blossom on the trees for the first time this year, last week, and it was just so nice to see.

    I know you did, Penelope Anne. You were in my thoughts as I put this post together!

    It won’t be long now, Mrschili. Soon Spring will be with you too. Just keep smiling and soon the crocus will put in its appearance.

  10. kacey replied:

    we’re digging out from a foot of snow…so these pics are wonderful to look at! I can’t wait for the crocus and daffodils to bloom here. But I think I have a bit more to wait…

  11. amypalko replied:

    It seems there are many in your situation, Kacey. I see there is even snow in Texas this morning! Now I’m not all that familiar with Texas, but I’m pretty sure that’s not normal. I’m sure things will start to warm up soon though 🙂

  12. Janet replied:

    what a lovely tiny flower you hold between your finger and thumb!

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