A Spring Surprise

We took a trip today to New Hopetoun Gardens, and I was really surprised to see how far on many of the flowers were already. I’ve seen a lot of blossom decorating stark, black boughs. Daffodils are cropping up on grassy roundabouts. White and purple crocus are encircling the trees in the park. But at the garden centre the most beautiful, fully bloomed camelias, clematis, and hellebores could be found in almost every corner. Have a look at these photos to see what I mean:

Buttercream Camelia

Camelia Light

Speckled Helleborus

Backlit Helleborus

Clematis Stars

Pink Camelia

Springtime Woods

How is the change of season surprising you this year? What’s your favourite Spring bloom?


March 22, 2008. Environment, Photography.


  1. Mike replied:

    Where I live, in the northeastern United States, the ground is still covered with a couple feet of snow! No flowers for us yet. Thanks for sharing the photos. I’m looking forward to seeing Spring blooms in person!

  2. Joanna Young replied:

    The flower pictures are magnificent Amy, esp the buttercream camelia.

    Contrast with the photos on the garden centre’s site…


    PS One solitary daffodil in my back garden is nodding at me and singing “spring” 🙂

  3. mrschili replied:

    Oh, good LORD, Amy! GORGEOUS.

    I’m with you, Mike; I look out my window and see disheartening piles of grey-gritty snow. Sigh. Spring’s coming, I just know it is, though right now that feels more like a matter of faith than one of fact…

  4. Karen Swim replied:

    Amy, as my eyes drank in each petal, my heart leaped with joy. Even in an image, spring fills me with a sense of hope, of energy, of excited anticipation. It is one of my favorite times of year and naturally is a season that inspires me. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. I could smell the fragrant air of Spring as I read your post.


  5. amypalko replied:

    Goodness, Mike! There’s really still that much snow around? You know Scotland is quite a bit further north than the northeastern US, but we really benefit from the gulf stream. I’m not really aware of just how much until I hear from others that they’re still surrounded by snow while we are well into our Spring. Wishing you lots of springtime blooms soon!

    I loved the camelia too, Joanna. And yes, the garden centre website doesn’t really do it justice. You really should pop in for a visit sometime. It’s my favourite garden centre to wader around, take some photos and have a spot of lunch in their lovely cafe.

    I’m positive Spring is just around the corner for you! I just know it is 🙂

    I’m so pleased that you found my photos of the blooms so evocative, Karen. Spring is such a hopeful time of year, isn’t it?

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