Scared Silly By The Fairies

Spider’s Web At The Fairy Glen by donaldewart

When Shelly from This Eclectic Life announced the contest Scared Silly, my first thought was this post about my encounter with the fairies. Funnily enough, it is one of my most popular posts as it gets at least 5 people every day coming to it through the Google search ‘Are fairies real?’. Unfortunately, I think many must leave disappointed as I’m incapable of providing a definitive answer. But I’m hoping that everyone else who reads it appreciates it for what it is: a fun story about a time when I was scared silly.

While my husband was still my fiancee, we took a trip up to the isle of Skye. He had worked there for a while in the past, and I had never been, so we booked into the local youth hostel, hired a car and drove up for a weekend. As we drove, we planned out all the things we wanted to do when we got there, and one of the things that he mentioned was that he wanted me to see the Fairy Glen at Uig. I’d never heard of it, but I was keen to go and check it out! So, on the second day of our sojourn, we traveled up from Kyleakin to Uig to check out the Fairy Glen.

It really is an amazing place; these strange steep-sided hills are scattered haphazardly throughout the glen, with crystal clear pools of water glistening in the small valleys. It feels like you’ve wandered out of the ‘real’ world of traffic, technology and crowds, and into this sphere of calm, where the silence is so complete that you could be swimming underwater. Over dinner that evening, we decided that we would go back to the fairy glen under the cover of darkness, and see if we could spot any of the ‘little people’. I think we both knew that it was silly, but it can be such fun to suspend the soul-crushing disbelief in which so many live their day to day lives.

Anyway, we headed out to the Fairy Glen, and it was so dark. I don’t think I fully appreciated just how dark, until the car headlights were turned off, and we began walking between the fairy hills and passed the fairy pools. Pretty soon that darkness became that velvety blackness where you can’t see your hand in front of your face, and you have to keep blinking your eyes just to check that you still have them open. The silence was only disturbed by our own footfalls and, when we stopped, there was no noise at all. Deprived of two senses, I started to feel a small flutter of panic. I’m a city girl at heart, and so being outside in the dark was completely unfamiliar to me. Really in the world in which I live in there is no real darkness, no real silence. My heart started to speed up, my eyes kept straining to see some light, my ears to hear some sound. Nothing…. And then, somewhere about 20 feet to our left, someone coughed. I don’t think my body had ever experienced such a rush of adrenalin, either then or since, and, holding hands, my fiancee and I ran blindly back towards the direction of the car.

Throwing ourselves into the car and locking the doors, we both looked at each other, and started to laugh. Great belly laughs which seemed to shake our entire beings and made our eyes weep. We sat for a while, until we reined our giggles in, and then we sat a while longer waiting to see if anyone would follow us out of the glen. There were no cars parked there but ours, and no-one showed up, so eventually we started the drive back to the hostel.

Now, I don’t know if it was the fairies playing tricks on us, or someone out for a quiet stroll (in the pitch black?), but I do know that I’ve never ran so fast or laughed so hard as I did when I visited the Fairy Glen.

When were you last scared silly?


March 26, 2008. Inspiration.


  1. Penelope Anne replied:

    So, did you enter the contest? I did.
    I just want to come and see the real fairy glens, if I had a publisher I could use it as a research for my work MUCH in process.

  2. Stephen replied:

    I think the spider that built that web would scare me silly. 🙂

  3. captainstardust replied:

    this sounds like an extraoridinary place! i would love to visit it. added to the to-do list whenever i manage to wander across the pond. =)

  4. This Eclectic Life replied:

    Oh, Amy! Your description of the darkness had my heart palpitating! Excellent piece of writing! Thank you for entering the contest. I’ll go link you!

  5. Karen Swim replied:

    Amy, this piece had me scared silly and then laughing heartily! What a great story and the storyteller is also quite talented. 😉


  6. Xarah replied:

    Wonderful story though I kept waiting for the spider or the web 🙂
    When was I last scared silly? Can’t remember. Hm, in my child hood, watching an Avengers episode with Mrs Peel and John Steed and lots of cats. Have I mentioned that we had two cats?

  7. Daz Cox replied:

    hehe what a great read!

    I think it was the faeries, they exist to keep you wondering!

  8. Anna replied:

    Nice bit of storytelling, Amy. Good luck in the contest!


  9. joker the lurcher replied:

    i think it may have been a fox! they cough sometimes

  10. Nicola replied:

    hehe, what a cool story! I can’t remember the last time I was scared silly… I tend to get more stressed than scared about anything 😉 I’ll keep the Fairy Glen in mind for places to see if I ever make it up that way…

  11. amypalko replied:

    Yes, I entered, Penelope Anne. Best of luck to you 🙂

    Yes me too, Stephen. It must have been huge!

    It is absolutely stunning, Captain Stardust, but it is quite tricky to find. It’s certainly not on the beaten track!

    So pleased you enjoyed it, Shelly! Nothing but the best for your bloggiversary 🙂

    Hey, Karen, I’m so glad the story managed to carry you away with it! That’s such a great compliment 🙂

    Yeah, there was no spider in the story. I picked that photo from Flickr because I thought it looked suitably magical and it was taken at the fairy glen. Incidentally, I’m actually pretty scared of cats even when I haven’t watched something disturbing on the telly!

    Well, they certainly managed that, Daz! Glad you enjoyed the story 🙂

    Thanks Anna!

    Well, I never knew that, Joker! They do say you learn something new every day, and that just proves the point. Thanks for that 🙂

    I can get stressed too, Nicola, but then I go for a walk in the countryside and that seems to have the desired effect. The walk in the story wasn’t particularly relaxing, but I’ll certainly always remember it!

  12. diane replied:


    What a lovely posting! There need to be times in life when we pause and say “What if…” or “Could that possibly be…”

    Sometimes it’s better not knowing what lingers just beyond our sight. I want there to be at least the chance of magic in my life!


  13. Damien Riley replied:

    Excellent. It reminds me of a few freaky times like that! Best of luck on winning the contest!

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  15. the Wandering Author replied:

    I just came by to check out the contest entries. This is a great one! I love your description of the glen, the uncertainty in what you really encountered (I’d prefer to believe one of the Fair Folk was politely warning you of their presence before you misstepped…), and the honesty. I’ll have to add you to my blogroll, when I get back to that task.

  16. amypalko replied:

    I think we need that element of ‘what if’ in our lives, don’t we, Diane?

    Thanks Damien, and thank for including this post on your blog safari. Bet you didn’t except to find fairies on safari!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Wandering Author. I prefer to believe it was one of them too 😉

  17. nouveaufauves replied:

    That is funny…… but I do have to wonder how you ran so fast in pitch black. I can’t even walk in the dark without feeling the ground in front of me very carefully with each halting step.
    I love the dark, though. I consider all these city lights to be light pollution and one day we will be complaining about light pollution just like we have laws about sound pollution and air pollution. It may take another generation to wake up and understand the wonder of the real night.
    Was it a woman’s cough or a man’s?
    Wonderful dew laden web, by the way.

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  19. This Eclectic Life replied:

    Thank you again for entering the contest, Amy. I don’t know why you weren’t already in my Technorati faves list. Now that is rectified.

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