You’re Brilliant

Brilliant Raindrops

Now, perhaps this is because of my conviction that everyone is special, less ordinary even, but I genuinely think that brilliance is a quality that we all can claim.  Just as in this photo of the raindrops on the washing line, glistening in a stray sunbeam, we all come in different shapes and sizes, we all reflect the light differently, we’re all capable of brilliance.

How will you celebrate your brilliance this Sunday?  Will you blow some bubbles?  Go beachcombing? Wander round the museum? Commandeer the playpark?  What ever you do, be brilliant!


March 29, 2008. Inspiration.


  1. joker the lurcher replied:

    so wonderful – the photo, the words, all of it. i just love the idea of celebrating myself. its hard to do in the middle of life with all its stuff, but i will try to do it, just a tiny bit, today. thank you.

  2. Joanna Young replied:

    I love the way you draw big messages from tiny points of detail. Thanks for the reminder to shine 🙂


  3. Nadine T. replied:

    I love the photo, and your comment. Have a shining day too.

  4. Xarah replied:

    I’ll try to be brillant with creating my first homepage with Joomla 🙂 and plucking some weeds in the garden this afternoon. Hope that counts 🙂

  5. Daz Cox replied:

    🙂 it’s a beautiful morning here! I will take a walk down to the beach then buy some art supplies and paint. I’ll meditate and read and visualize my happy future!

    have a great day my friend!

  6. Karen Swim replied:

    Amy, I completely agree with you! I also notice how a single raindrop becomes a greater force when joined with other single raindrops. All unique, all reflecting the light differently but when joined together with all of their difference creating anything from a sprinkling, to a light shower to a mighty thunderstorm. How beautiful that humans possess this same power.

  7. captain stardust replied:

    i’ll be working on a bit of art for a staff exhibition at the library… wish me luck!

  8. Penelope Anne replied:

    I relaxed in my husband’s arms and watched a NASCAR race this afternoon. I spent a hard day training to be a Boy Scout leader yesterday.
    And then I arrived back in town to a delightful surprise, a package from you my sweet friend and I loved it….but one thing could have made it better a letter silly.
    We’re going to work on your pen pal skills once I get moved.
    Love and hugs.
    Also congrats on being runner up in the scared Silly contest, I hope she does another.

  9. amypalko replied:

    It is hard to do, Joker, but even just taking a few minutes out of your day to stop and remind yourself makes all the difference 🙂

    Thank you for that lovely compliment, Joanna. As for the reminder – your light shines so brilliantly across the web, that I’m glad if this post made you stop and see what others see and appreciate in you.

    Thank you Nadine! I had another busy day, but I took an hour out this evening to cuddle up with my kids, and I got to see my shine reflected back at me.

    Good luck with the website, Xarah, and as for whether weeding counts – Yes, absolutely! Sometimes our brightest moments come when we’re engaged in the small everyday activities.

    Oh a walk on the beach, Daz, just sounds divine. What I wouldn’t give to feel the sand between my toes… I hope you had a lovely day 🙂

    What a beautiful comment, Karen! Thank you for responding so thoughtfully to my photo. I completely agree with you about what we can achieve when we work together, whilst taking care to appreciate the brilliance of the individual.

    Oh, that sounds fun, Captain Stardust! How did you get on? Any photos?

    What a relief, Penelope Anne! I’m so glad it arrived. I had heard from both the other 2 that their’s had arrived already, and I was beginning to worry that yours had gone missing. As for the letter, I do apologise. This phd is just taking over at the moment. Will try and send something once I’ve met this next deadline.

  10. Kelly replied:

    Love the photo. Thanks for making me feel brilliant.

  11. Bo replied:

    I love the bubbles photo. And yes, to practice brilliancy is a wonderful habit to establish.

  12. amypalko replied:

    You are brilliant, Kelly!

    It’s a habit that deserves to be practiced daily, Bo, isn’t it?

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