Wandering Around Glasgow

Many of the photos that I share here on the blog are of rural spaces, nature in all its glory and historical sites centuries old. Today I went to Glasgow, and I took some photos of the urban architecture that I found there. Glasgow is a city of real contrast, where architectural gems sit side-by-side functional, sterile structures. This makes Glasgow such an exciting place to wander around, to soak up the different styles and to discover wonderful surprises around every corner.

Quite a few of the shots that I took today were of Glasgow Central railway station, as it’s one of my favourite urban spaces. I can literally get lost while wandering around staring at the intricate webs of steel. In fact, I once was so distracted, I left the station from an exit I wasn’t familiar with, and became so disorientated I had to phone my dad for directions! Anyway, here are some of my best shots of the day:

Glass Fans

Central Station Ceiling


Reflective Circles

Walk The Line

Which city do you enjoy wandering around?  Do you have a favourite piece of architecture, and if you do, why is it special to you?


April 1, 2008. Environment, Photography.


  1. Zhu replied:

    Nice theme! I have heard a lot about Glasgow lately, it seems to be a nice city.

    Love the way you put perspective in your pictures!

  2. Alina Popescu replied:

    I’d love to keep you company when you feel like wandering around, the location is unimportant. It always looks it’s been a fascinating experience 🙂

  3. Nicola replied:

    I love the city I’m in right now, there are so many sculptures and other pieces of art, it’s fantastic. I think I’ll have to take a photo tour this weekend and share on my blog, our own train station is pretty cool too.

  4. Joanna Young replied:

    Great photos Amy! After your pictures of the tracks the other day you’ll soon be starting a railway theme 🙂


  5. amypalko replied:

    In all honesty, Zhu, I wouldn’t know how to keep my perspective out of my photos! Glasgow’s a great place to go visit: the people are friendly, the shoppings fantastic and it has some great visitor attractions, like the Burrell, Kelvingrove, GOMA, Science Centre etc.

    I’d love that too, Alina! Maybe when you make it over we can make it happen.

    If you do a photo tour, Nicola, please link to it here. I’d love to see it!

    I know, Joanna! I’m beginning to wonder what my subconscious is telling me with all these railway pictures…

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