Hidden Treasure in the Garden

Lost Gold

My Grandad’s garden is deeply familiar to me. It’s a place where there always seems to be abundant growth going on. A whole range of colours sparkling beneath dew, petals upon petals of radiant pinks and reds and oranges and yellows, and the first spring blooms can be found there along with ruby red and bright yellow tomatoes, pink forced rhubarb, the sweetest summer peas, an abundance of victoria plums, golden papered onions and the tastiest potatoes. And yet, despite my familiarity with this garden and the plants my Grandad grows there, I still find surprises from time to time. I found one such surprise yesterday when I looked beneath one glorious helleborus to find these small golden sunshine yellow treasures nestling close to the dark earth. Isn’t it a wonderfully exciting thought that even in the most familiar environments, such treats are still waiting to be discovered?

Treasure Trove

What treasure have you uncovered recently?


April 30, 2008. Environment.


  1. diane replied:

    Treasures in school: an elementary boy who can talk intelligently about the scifi books he favors (not a strong student otherwise).

    Treasures in family: an unexpected bonding of daughter and daughter-in-law, who were very different growing up but are now truly sisters

    Treasures in Twitter: endless, unexpected, delightful resources and connections

  2. Nadine T. replied:

    Your pictures are wonderful Amy, you have such talent for composition!

  3. toni replied:

    Gorgeous flowers!

    I found a treasure in the book “Water for Elephants.” LOVELY read.

  4. wendikelly replied:

    I love my garden, it’s one of my favorite places to be. Treasures are popping up there daily now as spring is warming up the ground.Every day this week has brought a new color of tulip to see!

  5. Maria Palma replied:

    The treasure I found today was a little marble – one of those things you played with as a child. It brought back fond memories of days when all I thought about was playing marbles in the dirt with my friends during school recess…

  6. amypalko replied:

    What wonderful treasures you’ve found, Diane, and in three distinctly different places. Good for you!

    Thank you so much, Nadine ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love literary treasures, Toni, especially when they’re unexpected!

    Garden surprises are among the best kind, aren’t they, Wendikelly.

    Oh, what a wonderful treasure, Maria! I used to play marbles too with my brother. I loved the ones with stripe of twisted colour through the centre. Wonderful little treasures of pure joy!

  7. David replied:

    My treasure for today is this blog. I was searching – lots of empty treasure chests and broken dreams – so it was wonderful to find something so thoughtful.

    Yesterday it was discovering the creative beauty within my lover.

    And having the time to read over a whole book and reflect in one of the busiest times of my life.

  8. amypalko replied:

    Oh, thank you, David. This was a lovely treasure to find in the comment box ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Digging for Gold: The Search For Buried Treasure: beplayful.org replied:

    […] have grown up to be a bit of a pirate. I love looking for treasure albeit no longer on treasure islands. Where then do I find my treasure […]

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