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Linked Hearts

After the success of last week’s edition of Links Less Ordinary, I’ve brought it back for another run. This week has been a fabulous week for blog writing. Why don’t you spend some of your weekend following up some of these links? I promise you, it’ll be time well spent!

  • Daz Cox is a wonderful artist and a really thoughtful blogger who often makes me think about my own views on art and its place in my life.  This week’s post was no different:

What is essential, especially to bloggers is to have your own opinion on what is art. What kind of “as art” have you made?

  • One of my favourite singers at the moment is Donna Maciocia who sings with the band Amplifico.  She has a relatively new blog of her own where she is very generously sharing her new songs.  She put a new one up just this week which makes me smile every time I hear it!  Here’s the lyrics from the chorus:

Just want you to feel beautiful
I wanna fill you up with feeling good about yourself
And to be unstoppable!
If you can’t love yourself
Then how can you love me at all?
Just want you to feel beautiful
I wanna fill you up with feeling good about yourself
And to be unstoppable!

Life has its ups and its downs. As human beings, we feel love and hatred and we even feel apathy at times. Pain and suffering and pleasure and ecstasy are all a part of it. Shakespeare was only half right; it is better to have loved and lost, but it is best to have loved, lost, and then loved again. It’s only more intense when it happens again.

What I realized as I went from one trial and tribulation to the next in the exciting adventure that became the LIFE OF WENDI is that no matter how hard things got to be, I was -in fact- in charge of how I felt about it and what I was going to do about it. I learned that I had choices. I could choose how I wanted to react and that the choices I made directly affected the outcome and other people’s reactions.

  • Ellen Wilson‘s post, The Butterfly Effect, really struck a chord with me this week.  It’s all about interconnections and how our words have the potential to effect change in the lives of countless unknown others.

You are the butterfly that makes the change of all our interconnections.  Spread your wings and see where they take you.

  • Cynthia from Original Impulse has started a new blog to chart the progress of her next big adventure as she begins her travels through Italy.  It’s called Journey Juju, where this week she has a great post urging  us to follow her example and to live The Wacky Life:

By wacky I mean adventurous, creative, right-brained. Not being bogged down by details or reined in by fears. Willing to do new things in new ways.

  • Over in Hawaii, Rosa Say has written about Calvin’s Mamaki Tree: a tree which she received at a ceremony to celebrate the life of a friend and work colleague who has recently passed on.  As always, her post is thoughtful and inspiring.

It would be a legacy that Calvin would have wanted, to simply have trees that will continue to grow with his belief that they are good for us. I was awestruck in that moment.

  • One of my new friends this week (well-met through Twitter) is Brett who blogs over at 6Weeks.  He wrote such a moving tribute to his wife, who sounds like such a special lady, that moved me to tears.

The wedding bands, I designed myself, the stone, the most beautiful my eye had ever seen.  Perfect in every way, like my bride-to-be.  I paid cash, of course… and Saturday morning proposed to my lover, as she lounged in her pyjamas.  Her answer was not yes, but a shriek of joy!

  • Last week I included in Links Less Ordinary a post by Diane Cordell.  This week I’d like to share a post written by her daughter who wrote a guest post for Journeys.  It’s all about bike riding, except it’s not: it’s about community, it’s about freedom, it’s about embracing life:

Most everyone I know had a bicycle at some point in their childhood. Your bike summed up freedom and adventure. Once you had learned to ride it- an accomplishment in and of itself- it was you and you alone who made it move, and you who chose where to go.

If you do nothing else this weekend (other than visit this great selection of posts, that is!) get out and explore the world outside your door.  As Audrey sang in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there’s such a lot of world to see.

What were your best reads this week?


May 2, 2008. Links Less Ordinary.


  1. Brett Legree replied:


    I just wanted to stop in and say, “thank you”. Thank you for your kind words, for featuring me here, and for featuring all of the other great people too – some I know, and some I’ve never met, but will go and meet.


  2. David replied:


    Thank you for all these wonderful links. I’ve bookmarked the page to visit later.

  3. awareness replied:

    Good morning from Canada….just dropped in via Claudia’s blog and have feel like i’ve fallen into a very friendly creative inspiring spa. Your photos are stunning….!

    I will check out some of your recommendations. I find the choice quotes you’ve used here have captured my interest.

    Will visit again here soon too.


  4. wendikelly replied:


    Thank you so very much for featuring me here on your post, it means so much to me as this is where I come to be inspired!
    Your site has always been one of my very favorites. I am always blessed to visit here, it is like a walk through a beautiful garden.

    Thank you for being you.

  5. On a Limb with Claudia replied:

    What a gorgeous photo!! Wow. And the links are awesome (of course). Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ellen Wilson replied:

    Wow Amy, Thanks for the kind words. I will also bookmark this post to visit all of these new sites.

    That is a beautiful picture of bleeding heart. I have some pink bleeding heart in my backyard. It’s one of my favorite flowers.

    Your photos are always top notch and so are your words. I am so glad that Karen Swim introduced us.

    I hope your thesis is going well; I was serious when I said I would like to read it! You picked a very interesting engaging topic.

  7. Daz Cox replied:

    🙂 It’s wonderful to be acknowledged like this! Your words and photographs make me happy and often help inspire my art. One day the spirit of your duckling photos (and so much more) will manifest in my paintings!

  8. amypalko replied:

    My main reason for starting Links Less Ordinary is to help connect readers to great writing. I truly hope that I’ve helped others find you and your words 🙂

    I hope you enjoy perusing them at your leisure, David!

    Welcome, Awareness, to Lives Less Ordinary and thank you for such a lovely compliment. I hope you continue to enjoy what you find here, and I hope that you enjoy following up on the links in this post. It’s chock full of blogging talent!

    I’m so glad to know that my blog inspires you, WendiKelly. I always look forward to your visits here, when we can take a walk through the garden together 🙂

    Thanks Claudia. I’m glad your enjoying this week’s links!

    I’m glad Karen introduced us too, Ellen 🙂 Thank you for your lovely words about my writing & photos. As for the phd, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s finished!

    I look forward to that day, Daz! I’m so happy to help inspire such a creative imaginative person as yourself 🙂

  9. Karen Swim replied:

    Amy this is fabulous! There are many of these dear people that I love and read but there are new gems here as well. Thank you for introducing me to a few new reads and for showcasing a few of my treasured friends. 🙂

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