Links Less Ordinary 5

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Can you believe that this is the 5th edition of Links Less Ordinary already? Where does the time go? The weeks pass by so quickly, but thankfully they bring with them some truly inspirational writing. Here’s what I came across on my internet travels:

  • The lovely Miss Gala Darling always writes such fantastically upbeat, passionate, positive posts that visiting her blog is like stepping out into the sunshine. This week was no exception when she shared a wonderful piece called The Constant Gardener:

Allow the Universe to be your gardener. Sit back & have a cup of tea. Watch as new seeds are planted in the fertile earth. Your gardener is making room for even more fabulous things to sprout & come to fruition.

She’s also recorded it as a podcast which you can listen to here.

And somehow, I feel a weight has been lifted. I don’t need to worry, fret or be fearful. I don’t need to be there, at all. Here is enough. There will be there when its time has come.

  • Karen Swim was also pondering moments; however, she was focusing on the power of a moment, and as always, she articulated her experience, her thoughts, and her conclusions so very beautifully:

Like the thunderstorm, our thoughts, attitudes and actions impact the landscape and people around us. As we rush about through our days we may forget that we are connected to the world and people around us. Every small encounter has an impact. In other words we matter, so our words, actions and attitudes matter too.

  • Lodewijk had another fabulous post up at How To Be An Original. This one is called How To Get Unstuck and contains some suggestions for a range of completely fabulous creative activities to get you unstuck:

In this post you’ll find a handful of actionable things to do that will help you change that perspective and may inspire that breakthrough thought.
If they don’t…well then you had a lot of fun anyway )

The last 3 links I want to share with you this weekend all helped to promote last week’s photography series, The Fire of Images. However, they actually did a lot more than promote my series, as all 3 added something wonderfully precious to the conversation: their unique perspectives.

An appreciation of editing: I haven’t edited my photos up to now but I am keen to learn and experiment, both to produce better results and to learn the read-across for the writing process. What are we editing for? The techniques are different but the answers might be similar: clarity, impact, emotion, power, resonance.

  • Secondly, Bo, over at her lovely blog, Seeded Earth, has put together a list of three blogs, Lives Less Ordinary included, which have had a recent focus on photography. She’s called it Everyone’s Doing Photography! With inspirational photographers such as Bo around the blogosphere, I’m pretty sure they will be 🙂

Crouching down, standing up, zooming in and out with a telephoto lens, moving to different parts of the same field…….not only does all that let you see what you’d miss if you just walked or drove by, but it let’s you see the world differently, let’s you see it as if for the first time.

So, there you go – another wonderful haul from just a few of the blogs I visit every week. But before I go, I’d like to give you just one more link, which is to my guest post over at Joyful Jubilant Learning called Whale Rider: Homeward Bound. I do hope you like it!

So what have you been reading on the internet this week? Any inspirational posts you would like to share?


May 24, 2008. Links Less Ordinary.


  1. David replied:


    Thanks for more great links. As someone learning to write and beginning to experiment with photography, I found Joanna’s post particularly helpful.

    I just linked to Lodewijk’s post in my latest links round up too!

  2. On a Limb with Claudia replied:

    You always have the greatest links Amy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful skill at decernment. How’s the thesis going?

  3. Joanna Young replied:

    Hi Amy

    Thanks for taking the time to do this round up – I know you’re kind of busy at the moment!

    As usual some fascinating links here to head off and explore.

    I know you got a lot of us thinking about our photography with your series, and the connections with who we are and what we do, and I enjoyed trying to tease out the connections with writing in my piece. Thanks for including the link.


  4. nouveaufauves replied:

    How informative! It made me want to go add something to Flikr. I have used it so little.

  5. Karen Swim replied:

    Hi Amy, thank you so much for including me! I’ve been taking some time off enjoying the long holiday weekend. It was nice to pop in and get your recommendations. There are so many great things occurring in blogland and it is always nice to have a trusted friend help you explore. Thanks Amy!


  6. amypalko replied:

    Joanna’s post is a great one, isn’t it, David? It really resonated with me too!

    Glad you like them, Claudia! Progress on the thesis has been hampered rather by my teaching and the conference that I’ve been organising. Now that both are over, I’ll be getting stuck back into the writing. Thanks for asking 🙂

    Your posts inclusion in this week’s Links Less Ordinary, Joanna, was more than well-deserved. It was such a great piece!

    I do hope you’ll maybe consider using it a little more, Nouveau Fauves. It really opens up the potential to connect with a wide range of people through a visual medium.

    Hope you’ve been enjoying that holiday weekend, Karen! Oh and I’m always happy to help guide others to great finds on the internet, your post included 🙂

  7. rlovison replied:

    I like the image included in this article (the article is good too 🙂 ). It is a wonderful composition of an interesting pattern of color, texture and form. It is well exposed with none of the highlights in the flowers blown out (RGB values above 254), thus preserving the detail.


  8. Darren Daz Cox replied:

    cool, I’ll have to follow these links!

    The more positive inspiration the better!

  9. amypalko replied:

    Glad you liked the picture so much, Richard. I was particularly pleased with how this one turned out 🙂

    My thoughts exactly, Daz!

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