Flickr Group Update

Hedgerow Flower

After a spectacularly busy weekend, I thought I’d give a quick update on how the Flickr group, Photography Less Ordinary, is getting on.

To date there are 60 members, 30 photographs in the photopool and 3 active discussions. I am so pleased how enthusiastically so many have embraced this extension of the Lives Less Ordinary community! It has been just wonderful to watch as the photos are contributed, the membership grows and the conversation flows.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have already joined and lent your support to the group 🙂

If you haven’t joined yet, and you would like to, check out this post and then add me as a Flickr contact.  I will send an invite to all those who do so.  Why don’t you come on over, and check it out!

Have you joined yet?  How are you enjoying it so far?  Do you have any suggestions future Photography Less Ordinary projects?  Themes? Scavenger hunts? Challenges?

P.S. If you click through to view the above flower photo on Flickr you can read more about it and the editing process used to produce it.


May 26, 2008. Photography.


  1. On a Limb with Claudia replied:

    You are amazing! What a wonderful community you have created! Gosh, you are a peace-creator.

  2. LindaH replied:

    I like the idea of a weekly theme or challenge. Things like that are really good for community building on Flickr.

  3. Karen Swim replied:

    Amy this photo is breathtaking. I have been exploring some of the photos on Flickr and cannot wait to add a few of my own. Thanks so much for creating this community.


  4. Teacher Girl replied:

    Wow! What a tremendous amount of creative energy you have planted here and at Flickr.
    I will admit that I felt a bit nervous posting shots on the site but you and a couple of other people have responded with such lovely enthusiasm that I am feeling less reticent.
    I really admire your enthusiasm and your untiring efforts to make people feel extraordinary! (Such great karma!)
    Thanks, Amy!

  5. Joanna Young replied:

    Hi Amy

    Congrats for creating such a wonderful group and supportive atmosphere.

    Like teacher girl I was nervous about posting some pics on the site – I didn’t know how to pic what was ‘good’ – but also feel buoyed up by having such great feedback from people (on lots of pics in my photostream, it’s so generous of people to spend their time browsing and commenting)

    Your picture is stunning – the explanation several miles ahead of where I am… but I’ll get there, patiently.

    I like the idea of a weekly / fortnightly theme too, to help give focus to my learning.


  6. Darren Daz Cox replied:

    I don’t have many photos (other than of my art) but I have a few so I’ll join too!

  7. amypalko replied:

    What a beautiful compliment, Claudia! Thank you 🙂

    I have an idea for a good starting one, LindaH, which I’m going to announce later this week. Hope you’ll join in!

    The community will most certainly welcome you and and your photographs, Karen 🙂

    Oh, Teacher Girl, I’m so glad you’re feeling less reticent about posting your pics and sharing them with the group. They really are very beautiful!

    I’m with you on a focus for learning, Joanna. As I said to LindaH, I have an idea for the first one, but will have to brainstorm future projects. Think I’ll add it as a discussion on the group.

    Yay, Daz! So glad you could join us 🙂

  8. Time Capsule: Flickr Group Project « Lives Less Ordinary replied:

    […] away by just how many of you have embraced the project, and have been willing to get involved. In Monday’s post, I mentioned the possibility of some group projects, themes, treasure hunts etc. Well, I have […]

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