Photography Less Ordinary Time Capsule Result

Last Friday, I set a challenge: take a time-specific photograph and contribute it to the new Photography Less Ordinary Flickr group. Not including myself, 12 members of the group decided to take up the challenge. Here they all are along with the photographers’ descriptions.

Red Bottle Brush by Rosa Say
Red Bottle Brush
“I stepped outside to take a few snapshots during a morning writing break, and then decided on this one for my timecapsule entry for Photography Less Ordinary, a challenge wherein our Mea Ho‘okipa Amy Palko asked us to help celebrate the group’s launch and all our fabulous members’ efforts
to date! 75 members in less than a month is quite impressive, don’t you think? I am quite sure it is the Aloha shared, a spirited energy which this blossom reminds me of, with the individual florets adding to the magnificence of the whole :)”

Sproutlings by codyrockx
“I chose this one for the timecapsule project, cause it’s going to be a freakin’ long time for those things to get to full growth. Likewise it’s going to take even longer to heal the scars we’ve left on the Earth.”

Sunset at Half Moon Bay State Beach by TheMuseCalliope
Sunset at Half Moon Bay State Beach
“After dinner tonight (1 June 2008), we hurried to Half Moon Bay State Beach to photograph the sunset. We arrived just in time and stayed until the sun was completely down. Maybe it’s just me, but I love to watch the sun boiling into the sea. I am adding this photo to the timecapsule at “Photography Less Ordinary” as it is a time-specific event (sunset) and because I have been photographing sunsets since I first got a camera. It seems fitting somehow.”

Train on the Move by wonderwebby
train on the move
“a moment in time…I missed the train, but not too late to take a photo
It’s that split second when you decide whether to get irritated, or make the most of a moment – matters :)”

110 Years by ¿Nick?
110 Years
“Close-up of the badge on a Heidelberg lithographic printing press. Taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar from Scanned and reproduced loyally with no post-production.
Submitted under the timecapsule meme in the Photography Less Ordinary group in honour of the concept of a time capsule: a reminder that the great ideas and hard work we give freely today can still make ripples and change lives over one hundred years later. (Added bonus: we’re all a lot younger than we feel!)”

Behind the Chestnutblossom by kleine gelbe Ente
Behind the Chestnutblossom
“I submit this to the “Photography Less Ordinary” timecapsule. Nothing captures time and the flow of time as well as those spring blooms on the trees. Already small fruit are forming. I went back to this place last week ( this is what the flowers look like now. I will go back later this month as well to see how the fruit develop. I hope it will give a nice series at the end of summer/fall.”

The Moment of the Setting Sun by bobsee
the moment of the setting sun
“Sunset, May 31st………the END of May 2008
This is the moment, the present moment, that time we call sunset, and as the sun sinks behind the mountains, it throws up a final farewell flare. I’ve never seen it do that before. Not behind these particular hills. The unexpected, the unpredicted, how it jumps up and grabs our attention, demands we pull ourselves right out of the dreams and worries about the future, right out of the memories and reveries of the past, and just for this brief moment, we are reminded that the present is sliding past our eyes, so maybe, just maybe, it would be good to open them.”

Port of Leith by Joanna Young
Port Of Leith
“I’ve chosen this picture as my contribution to the Photography Less Ordinary Time Capsule
I like the picture – I can even imagine it up on my wall with a frame (and as Rosa says it’s even better in large size).
It’s marked in time because:
It was taken on the last Saturday in May
It was the start of the Leith Festival, so the bars and cafes at the port were heaving with people
It was a gloriously sunny day, probably the best we’ve had so far this year
It was the end of an 8 mile walk: I walked from my house (SW Edinburgh) to Leith (NE) along the canal and then the Water of Leith: by water and green spaces all the way.
I always remember the days, times, and moments of walks: the thoughts, feelings, ideas, pieces of writing that start to form in my head at particular points in a walk. Taking photos adds to that: fixes them, lodges them somehow
Leith is a place that holds mixed emotions for me: I worked in Leith at the Scottish civil service for 9 years more or less, with some very good times and some very not so good times. Getting ready to leave Edinburgh for the west coast requires looking back on some of them and revisiting old haunts, and saying some goodbyes. This picture represents some of that (for me)
Last but not least: doesn’t the city look stunning? I’d like something to go into this time capsule that showed other people what a wonderful place Scotland is, and that the sun does shine… sometimes! And when it does, there’s nowhere to beat it.
Thanks for the invitation Amy, and I hope you can find room for this in the time capsule.”

A Different View by sunbeam_daisy
A Different View
“I took this yesterday and have chosen it as my image for the time capsule because it represents Spring and because it’s taken from a different perspective. The Photography Less Ordinary group have inspired me to look at things differently … so this is to you all, with huge thanks!”

Graduating by ballerinagirl
“In a little over a week, I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. It’s been a long, difficult journey, with both great events (meeting Son) and some not so great ones (my car accident, Patrick’s cancer, my dad’s cancer). I’m so excited to be done… now it’s time for the rest of my life to begin!
I took this picture for Photography Less Ordinary’s time capsule project. It was taken today, June 4th, after I picked up my cap and gown!”

Autumn by a memory forever
“Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I love the amazing colours, how the leave crackle under your feet and how the colours glisten after a rain.
31st May 2008”

A Happy Start to the Day by my whimsy
A happy start to the day
“Morning treat. June 4, 2008.
For Photography Less Ordinary time capsule.”

And, finally, here’s my own contribution:

All by Myself by amypalko

All By Myself
“This is my contribution to the time capsule.
It was taken on Sunday morning, when my youngest learned to ride his two-wheeler bike without stabilisers. We started out slowly and painfully (24 bruises altogether!) but he is one determined wee soul, and ultimately he succeeded. To say that his mummy is proud of him is to vastly understate the obvious!
This photograph captures such a lovely moment and one which, I suspect, signals his transition to a stage of greater freedom and independence. He knows his mummy will always be there to clean up his grazes and scrapes as he travels along the bumpy path to adulthood, and with that knowledge, he moves forward determinedly and confidently.”

Well, that’s the first Photography Less Ordinary challenge over, and didn’t everyone excel themselves? A truly outstanding collection of photographs. Well done everyone!!

Update: I have received a couple more contributions to the time capsule. Enjoy!

South Station – New Info Signs by shersteve

South Station - New info signs

The new signs fond previously were over the intervening days in various stages of installation until finally last Thursday they were actually running test patterns. I was running for the train and was without my camera last week.
Yesterday there were tests being conducted. It sounds like the announcements will be automated and timed to deliver the text on the sign as the trains are called.
Today, I catch up to Amy Palko’s request for a time capsule picture, low and behold the signs were operational. My camera was ready this time.
Coincidence? No, destiny.”
Description taken from Steve’s 2 Cents

Garden Iris, A History Exposed by bo mackison

Garden Iris, A History Exposed

“An iris from stock that my grandfather grew when I was a young child, 50 years ago. It is a deep golden yellow and it’s mahogany markings are stunning. This is deep in the iris, at it’s very core. It grows only a few steps from the front door of my home, 300 miles from my hometown. I feel as if I have carried a bit of my heritage with me when I see the iris in bloom
This is a fitting entry for a time capsule, as it represents the origins of my love of gardening and nature – my grandfather and I spent hours together each day, out in the gardens. There I learned to tell the difference between a flower and a weed, to plant a seed and transplant a plant, and to reap the rewards of gardens – beautiful flowers, luscious vegetables, and a deep satisfaction with the beauty and gifts of nature..”


June 6, 2008. Photography.


  1. Brad Shorr replied:

    Thank you for this wonderful collection of photos. All so expressive and enchanting. The perfect start to my day!

  2. Ulla replied:

    what a wonderful collection of pictures! And I loved to read the texts which went with them.

  3. Ivanhoe replied:

    Marvelous! I love how everybody took a different spin on the assignment…

  4. Karen Swim replied:

    Amy, this was such an incredible idea. No camera yet, but soon! I love the photos and the descriptions. There is so much talent here and it is so fun having others share their world through a lens.


  5. Nadine T. replied:

    An impressive set of photographs, and the comments were insightful too. I didn’t have time (!!!) to take part in the challenge, but I hope to join in next time.

  6. Jacqui Lofthouse replied:

    Stunning photographs Amy and congratulations to all who took part. Hope to join in with a future challenge also.

  7. Stephanie replied:

    Love it.

    Hi Amy, thanks for encouraging creativity and reflection. Though these are all amazing, my favorite is Train on the Move. Life is about moments… what better way to capture a slice of time.

    Thanks to all those involved!


  8. Liss replied:

    All these photos are great. I am really glad I took part in your challenge and hope you do others.

  9. Joanna Young replied:

    Amy, a wonderful set of photos, thanks to everyone who took part and to you for organising it, and challenging us.

    I found it really hard to find something, or choose something but I was determined to pick something anyway!

    I love the different ideas about time and what it means to us that are represented here. Including the words… but I would say that! Sorry for writing such an epistle on mine 🙂

    I loved your dad’s photo and post. It moved me to tears.

    Anyway, off to flickr now to browse some more. Looking forward to the next challenge!


  10. Rosa Say replied:

    Amy, there has been such joyful learning packed into the experiences we are sharing within your (our!) new Photography Less Ordinary Flickr group. You are so gracious and skillful in your showcase of them here, and yet it only hints to the richness within the way everyone participating is supporting and encouraging each other.

    Truly a moment in our time as a Community Less Ordinary to capture. Mahalo nui Amy for your inspiration and mentorship to us.

  11. amypalko replied:

    Thanks again to everyone who took part, and to all who didn’t manage this time, but took a moment or two to lend their support in the comment box. It has been such a joy putting together this group and organising this challenge, and I will definitely be organising more in the future, so make sure you check in with the group on a regular basis!

  12. HRH replied:

    Inspiring photos. The red bottle brush is startlingly beautiful.

  13. toni replied:

    That was a feast for the eyes! Thank you!

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