Important Message: We Have Moved!

Well, I have moved to self-hosted.  I decided to do this a long time ago, and this is me finally getting around to it.  After a long day yesterday, I managed the wordpress install, chose and customised the theme, rearranged widgets and fixed the feed.  To say this has been a learning curve is to vastly understate the obvious!

Anyway, what this means for you, is that you’ll need to move your feed subscription.  I have lots of exciting new developments planned, and I just know that you won’t want to miss out!


I’ll be keeping this blog up until I manage to move over all my in-post links, and to make sure you all get this message about the move.  I wouldn’t want to lose any of you!

Also, if, in the past, you have been so kind as to link here in your blogrolls, could I ask you to alter the link to lead others to the blog’s new home?  Thank you so much!

Anyway, why don’t you head on over there now, and check out my welcome message?


June 12, 2008. Admin.


  1. Joanna Young replied:

    Had to say bye to the old blog! It’s been wonderful spending time here, but I have a feeling the new place is going to be even better 🙂


  2. travelerstales replied:

    GOOD LUCK! I’ve been doing this the last week or so myself. It has been enlightening learning to rewrite templates and all. It’s for the best though, there is so many things that you can do out there now. We are going to have discussion boards and a lot of other stuff that would have been much harder to accomplish inside of the WordPress site. So again, good luck and my new domain name is I loved this blog and I’m sure that the new site will be even better. This blog is actually one of a couple that made me get serious about wanting to blog, so thank you for that.

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